Thermal remote sensing from Airborne Hyperspectral Scanner data in the framework of the SPARC and SEN2FLEX projects: an overview

J. A. Sobrino, J. C. Jimenez-Munoz, P. J. Zarco-Tejada, G. Sepulcre-Canto, E. de Miguel, G. Soria, M. Romaguera, Y. Julien, J. Cuenca, V. Hidalgo, B. Franch, C. Mattar, L. Morales, A. Gillespie, D. Sabol, L. Balick, Z. Su, L. Jia, A. Gieske,W. Timmermans, A. Olioso, F. Nerry, L. Guanter, J.Moreno and Q. Shen
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Hydrology and Earth System Sciences
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