Clasificación de usos del suelo a partir de imágenes Sentinel-2

Sentinel-2 (S2), a new ESA satellite for Earth observation, accounts with 13 bands which provide high-quality radiometric images with an excellent spatial resolution (10 and 20 m) ideal for classification purposes. In this paper, two objectives have been addressed: to determine the best classification method for S2, and to quantify its improvement with respect to the SPOT operational mission. To do so, four classifiers (LDA, RF, Decision Trees, K-NN) have been selected and applied to two different agricultural areas located in Valencia (Spain) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). All classifiers were tested using, on the one hand, all the S2 bands and, on the other hand, only selecting those bands from S2 closer to the four bands from SPOT. In all the cases, between 10%-50% of samples were used to train the classifier while remaining the rest for validation. As a result, a land use map was generated from the best classifier, according to the Kappa index, providing scientifically relevant information such as the area of each land use class.
Borràs, J.; Delegido, J.; Pezzola, A.; Pereira, M.; Morassi, G.; Camps-Valls, G.
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Revista Española de Teledetección
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